Saturday, November 29, 2008

Speakeasy Revival

My Hollywood stardom came abruptly to an end before it even began. Top Chef jumped the shark and cut me in the final weeks before they started filming. Or so the story goes. But I did realize that I wasn't meant to be a patent attorney -- my heart obviously wasn't in it. A brief job search landed me at the Colorado Attorney General's Office. Now, I'm an Assistant Attorney General across town and work a 9 to 5.

It affords time for things like sewing dog coats, teaching piano and, most importantly, cooking.

The most recent regular on the menu is beer can chicken.
Beer can chicken

Last week, I made one with cajun spices. That was quite popular. I've been having quite a blast in the kitchen lately, plus meeting all kinds of people, now that I'm not constantly at my day job. So it's quite possible that Speakeasy Denver could happen... maybe, just maybe...

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