Saturday, August 26, 2006

hot stuff at speakeasy kitchen

just a 5 minute update on what's going on in the kitchen:

got a lot of last-minute cancellations and so i decided not to hire the perv off craigslist who offered his table-waiting services and do it all on my own instead. mrs. liu might come help out as well this evening. we'll see how it is to have a mom in the kitchen.

i got creative and now peewee's punkin pie's got a kick. cayenne-style.

the onion soup has been brewing for a very long time... delish! i had no idea scallions would go so well in an onion soup -- dad was onto something with the scallions.

all of my fingertips are burning from the jalapenos. kim hassan won't be there tonight after all, but there'll be plenty of kim representing in the torgie kim-kebab.

okay... time to get back to it -- have to figure out how i'm going to sear-roast 12 servings of grain-fed farm-raised chicken and keep them all hot and coming out in quick enough time over 2 seatings... who knew washington d.c. harbored this many chicken-lovers?

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